Friday, March 6, 2009

Career choices are the most frustrating on earth!

I'm so indecisive that I've probably set the record for the number of times I've changed my mind on what I want to be. I've gone from the standard choices of all kids-being a teacher, doctor, engineer, cashier (thinking all that money goes to me!) to seriously considering dentistry, therapy, journalism, social work, psychology, languages, human resources and finally settling on accounting. You must have realized the randomness of these; I know these are on different sides of the spectrum, but oh well...

I've only started doing accounting this year, after trying for days to convince my school to let me take it without doing the O-Level first and eventually having to write a note that I won't be holding the school responsible for the consequences (very encouraging, aren't they?). Anyway, I must say after completing all I need to know for A-Levels that it's the most satisfying subject I've done, and I definitely want my future to involve it. Which is what made me decide to become an accountant. And I still am happy with my choice- I don't regret any decisions I've made (I haven't even made any long-lasting ones anyway) because I know that I've chosen something I like.

But then... =(
I still can't help thinking about what I could've been. I'd love being an accountant, but I'd also love doing something different- like speech therapy- or studying psychology or even photography.....and it doesn't help when university representatives come to my school giving presentations just reminding me of all the other fascinating courses I didn't choose to take.

Anyway, this is so totally pointless =p because everyone obviously has diverse interests, and just because these interests can all be transformed into a profession, not making them one doesn't eliminate them. I can still become a great photographer without studying photography, and I can still learn about human minds and understand them without studying psychology.

I hope I've made a rational and practical decision.

Mark Twain is so freakin awesome: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."


  1. Oh Ghadeer! Can't say how proud I am of you for thinking in such a mature and rational way. You out of all people can't study everything as a degree because you excel in soo many things that you would be spending your whole life studying! Like you said, you could still know about other things without studying them. Your passion for reading will help you in this and Allah Wallul Tawfeeg

  2. I am disgusted with your final choice. oh yes, I am. But think of all the monies you will be getting... ooohh yeah bby <3

    Good luck with the blog! =)


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