Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exams are the same everywhere

I don't know why I find it hilarious.

No matter which level of educational institution you're in, which continent you're's all the same!

The minutes before the exam where all the examinees are revising, asking each other random questions, talking about how nervous they are..

Entering into the exam halls and going to your assigned seats. A few people realising they've forgotten to get their ID cards or their calculators.

People looking around to see who their neighbours are. Wishing each other good luck.

The examination papers being distributed. A few minutes of paper ruffling and general unrest and then a deep silence sets in.

The drone of the air condition in the background. The footsteps of the exam invigilators. The squeaking and scratching of pencils and pens on paper. The occasional cough, sniff, yawn, sneeze

The sound of so many people thinking furiously. Not saying I'm a fan of exams, but I love that sound. The sounds of many minds at work.

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  1. okay it is not normal to like the sound of exams...freak


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