Thursday, August 26, 2010

Children of Heaven: A Persian Movie

The simplest movie is also the one you learn from the most. What I loved about this movie is that, contrary to most Hollywood production that's designed to leave you in the disillusion that you are far from the world of glamour and glitter, "Children of Heaven" makes draws your attention to some of the most important things in life- a sincere sacrifice for someone else, a consideration of somebody else's feelings- that cost nothing and worth everything, all the while helping you count your own blessings.

So go here and watch this now:

It will definitely be worth the two hours!


  1. Salaam!
    I agree it's one of my all time favorites! So simple yet so much to learn from it! I just LOVE the relation between Zahra and Ali. They're the cutest! always looking ou for each other and loving each other so much! Mashallah!

    This said, i also think it to be a lil slow paced.. well, perhaps we're so used to the hollywood movies LOL

  2. I agree- maybe the race scene was abit too long

  3. I love that movie!!! my dad bought it after seeing it in california when he was visiting my cousins. Omg, i wish it was on dvd and not vhs. i can't wait till my lil girl is older and understand so she can watch it. it shows the respect and family values that we have backhome in our country! I just love the movie mashallah so sweet!


    ps. dont diss nancy ajram, she's my girl crush..LOL..*jk*

  4. can burn it on a dvd since it's online.

  5. online...really. wow. do u have the link for it? ill do that!



    It's in the post! Good luck X

  7. One of my favorite of all time..
    I was literally crying when the shoes was taken away by the gutter and she has to run after it..
    ahhh so sad..

  8. Ahh yes, that scene was nerve-wrecking! I thought they were gone for good :(

  9. Homer sometimes nods.


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