Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My beautiful homeland

Civilization began within you. The first writings, the first laws ever made, the birthplace of agriculture and the wheel and the arch and irrigation. Some people go as far as to say you're what the Bible points to when mentioning the Garden of Eden. People came and people went, each of them adding another chapter to your deep history and culture. And then came a time when the city of Baghdad was built, and suddenly you saw yourself rising like never before. The center of the world- only the best things were allowed next to you: the best scholars, the best scientists, doctors, engineers, traders, artists, poets, philosophers, economists.... When the western world lived in a dark and ignorant era, you were busy translating discoveries, improving on paper, organizing libraries...When others still lived in prejudice and intolerance, you were arranging discussions between different religions and faiths in the House of Wisdom...Nothing escaped your notice: from humanistic ideas and political theories to issues of environmental impacts and pollutions- all before anyone in the Western World had the freedom to utter a thought out or even the ability to think that thought freely. Hospitals and universities and psychiatrists and astronomers and polymaths loved you. Free trade and urbanization and industrial growth before any of the current market economies in the world had even thought of getting established.

But nothing good lasts that long. And people can't stand to watch you successful and thriving and peaceful. I'm sorry you had to suffer and burn and watch your own fall, and I'm sorry you've been disappointed by your own people- those who helped destroy you, and then us who left, watching you ablaze and withered from the comfort of our new homes. It's true that you are now nothing compared to your previous glory, but I don't want you to give up yet. There are those who stayed with you, patiently suffering through thick and thin, and would give away their lives for you. There is a whole new generation fueled with great pride and love and anger and hurt, determined to make you better than the state you're in that they opened their eyes to. Your future all depends on the decisions of those whose hands you've been placed in. I can't say they're perfect, but let's hope they're sincere enough to want the best for you.

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