Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Hatred Evaporator

This is an exercise that works wonders when anyone in your life decides to have a go at hurting your feelings, testing your patience limits...whatever. Feeling anger or disappointment or annoyance directed at a person hurts. It does damage to us alone. But it isn't easy loving somebody because you're busy thinking about what they've done to you and how they don't have a right. When it happens next time, sit down, breathe, then think of that person's positive qualities. Everyone has some, and when you're not getting along it's easy to forget about them or make them appear less significant than they really are. It isn't as difficult as it sounds once you get started. Make a list of things that person does that you appreciate or admire. Even if it has nothing to do with you. Don't wait till you've calmed down. So many negative thoughts about that person would have popped into your head and swam towards that subconscious mind by that time, waiting to be released at the next possible opportunity. I've learnt that calming yourself down through self-pity is harmful, and so is calming yourself down by deciding to "forgive" someone- in your head, you've done them a favour by forgetting their "wrong" and you'll consider them indebted to you. Instead of all this, list the great things about them. You might need to be really creative, you might need to strain yourself, but at the end of the day, you've recognized that all people have bad and good in them. Who knows? Maybe God would be ever more forgiving if He sees how you've made it a point to not hold anything in for anyone.

Life is short, so don't sweat the small stuff.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The bugs laugh at me

Tell me why you are so afraid. Perhaps you liken me to a foreign invader? But I am insignificant- incapable of thinking of causing destruction let alone capable of causing it. The tiny brain in proportion to my tiny body is in a constant process of writing and re-writing information. Information vital to my survival that the likes of you would not even be aware of had it been inside your brains. There is hardly any space remaining for other thoughts. Perhaps you are disgusted? But I don't see you running away from even more gruesome things- from the accumulation of waste or from your own excretion. Perhaps you are afraid my inferiority is contagious- that you are much safer being as far away from me as possible just in case a geographically close distance could, God Forbid, transform into another kind that plays with your identity?

Let me tell you why. The notion of small causing harm to big is laughable to you. Generally. But at times when my small existence is in your presence, you shiver. Deep down, you are fully aware of the power of little things. I think I remind you of this. Again, I can't know for sure. I've already told you about the limitations of my mind. But then at least, I am aware of my own limitations. You, on the other hand, think of yourself as a Queen. This is why I laugh at you.

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