Friday, February 18, 2011

The bulge on my right hand's middle finger

Although it goes against everything I've been taught and believe in, I hate to admit I belong to a group of millions of girls across the globe who are on a constant hunt for any out of the "norm" aspects of their appearances. Which sucks, because there is no norm, and the standards we weigh against are put together by machines, and we are really supposed to be thanking God that we're not deaf, blind or dumb instead.

But there still exists a 'fault' in my appearance that passes the critical examination. And that's a tiny bump on the side of my right hand's middle finger. I love it. It was born when I reached around nine years old, and continued to grow with me- the finger's result of enduring many hours of being pressed against a pen.

The bump is my wedding ring- a reminder of a commitment. No matter how busy my day, how tired I am, how elated or depressed or angry or nervous, I will never give up on sitting and putting down on paper everything that's going on in my life and all the thoughts that run around my head. Without this regular activity, I'd go insane. It is so important to me to sort out everything life's giving me in words.

In good times, I feel I owe it to my future self to narrate all the positivity I experience at that moment. I never know when I'd need it. And in bad times, I honestly can't figure out what I'm thinking if I don't write it down. My brain finds it difficult to work if my fingers aren't assisting it.

Sometimes, it comforts me when I can write it all down like it's just another novel I'm reading. And then my entire life turns into a story, and I smile to myself because I am more awake than ever to the insignificance of our tiny surreal world that will seem like only the blink of an eye one day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Beginning

When the sun rises today, she smiles down at those eighty million people on the earth that made us proud and heaves a huge sigh of relief.

Victory comes to them because to each of them, the love of their nation is their top priority. Because they set aside their religious and personal differences. Because they focus on their common goal. That is why those millions managed to free themselves without a leader or plan. When the hearts are grudge-free and the intentions pure, everything is possible.

All I can hope for is that the historic moment we had the pleasure to witness was not merely an incident in Egyptian history. Let it mark the beginning of an era filled with justice.

No longer must we be ruled by dictators blinded in their self-interests. In time, they must all fall. No longer must we silently live through humiliation and watch our brothers and sisters in distress. No longer are we slaves to our enemies.

From now on, the civilizations that taught the world how to read and write will re-gain their pride. They will forget the differences that divide us. They will remind us all the sweetness of unity.

They will break away from their chains and lead us all back to what we were.

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