Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Oh Why

Sorry for this pathetic little rant, I had to get it off me.

I cannot, for the life of me, bake something in the kitchen and get it right. It's pathetic, really. I don't know why I'm under the impression that my pathetic disability to bake is a huge hole in me that must be filled if I want to be perfect. Or close to perfect. And being the pathetic perfectionist I am, I continue on this impossible mission. The disappointment that comes with the pathetic results of my pathetic mission is huge enough to put me off for a while, accepting my short-comings, yet the rationality fades with time and eventually, I get back to my pathetic mission in trying to cure my pathetic disability.

Today, it was an attempt at baking chocolate chip cookies. FAIL. I would post some pictures if I wasn't so ashamed to prove what a failure they were. You see? That's how pathetic I was, taking pictures at every step, believing with every cell in me that this time would be different (just like each time). And what's more pathetic is that the feeling of oncoming success rising in me with each minute had reached such a height, that it took a while to register when I opened the oven door to check on my pathetic cookies that no, I was not looking at my first successful baking venture as I had so predicted would happen. Hence the existence of a picture documenting the pathetic-ness (taken during the time gap between expectation of victory and realization of defeat).

I have resolved to give up and succumb to reality, yet deep inside, I know my pathetic self will get over this failure and venture out into the kitchen again soon.....for another pathetic baking scheme.

Desperate for female skills that will make me as happy as this happy '50s housewife!
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  1. I ate those cookies and they were delecious. They did not last for 24 hours ,another proof of success. Expecting bakery style cookies from home oven from the first time is the only pathetic thing here.

  2. ^LOL. Don't listen to her. She's just being nice!

  3. ok can i hit you? there's only one thing that you should hold yourself responsible for -- that is not for not understanding that baking is a science and if you follow everything to the last T and things still go wrong -- blame the over, the scale or the timer :P
    when i am unsuccessful in my baking attempts, i immediately try a second batch, so that i am not too discouraged. usually they taste fab. who cares what they look like unless someone is paying you for them :P


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