Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A shout out to my followers :)

I started blogging in 2009 because it was something I wanted to try out for myself. When I began, for some reason, I expected to have a multitude of views and comments the second I typed out my first post. I admit feeling disappointed. (I even remember google-ing tips on how to get your blog to be popular!)

After a few days, when I realized I was not going to become the next Julie Powell, I pulled myself together, wiped the dust off me and started over with new goals in mind. This time, I was going to blog because I had something to say, not because I was looking for attention. I decided to humbly put in my two cents about whatever it is I want to say. There must be a billion blogs out there, and I was just another one added to them.

For the past two years, blogging has helped me through alot, in two ways:
The first side is the exciting bit of looking for blogs to follow, and getting to read diverse opinions on every topic under the sun. Reading other people's points of views has helped me become more tolerant towards accepting other perspectives, and I know this is one of my weak areas.

The second side is the even more exciting bit of getting my own word and perspective across. I love the feeling of knowing there are people out there, who I have never met in real life, but who are always there, listening to what I have to say and caring enough to let me know they are. Almost everyday, I check my blog stats and smile at the different countries I've had views from. It makes me feel all warm inside!

This is a special thank you to my 50 followers for enhancing my blogging experience.

Thank you:

Notorius Spinks
Stefanie R - Silver Starry Skies
Me's Bubble Me's Bubble
amal Starry Eyed
TheOneWhoNeedsReminders Reminders & Reflections
The Restless Quill ...and then
Amira The Stranger's Diary
Tori περιπλάνηση
Aliya A Pair of Specshttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
LuLu Captured
Zarina Hassem
Noshi Oasis of Truth
Zainab Yikes! I'm a Mum!
Zahra The Girl in the Awesome Chador
muffi smith
Abeer Alternate Mirror
Peace Be With You Working Minds
DYVYNE Meaningless Virtue
Pooja Second thoughts first...
Londoneya Londoneya
rose water rose water
Muslimahs Musings
Undefined my atmosphere
Koo A place for my head
7ormat khalid The Owl from Abu Dhabi
Najma A Star from Mosul
Elimar Licos
Mariam Underneath a Silver Sky..
mustika sari sayuti Vanilla Ice-cream floats
TGL This Good Life
Rukhpar Mor Rukhpar Mor
Ellen Keim I, Muslimah
Relax Please Relaxing Blogs
monsoon78 the blues, the blahs and the blarghs
Eternal Dawn new inspirations
AmmatulWadud Formal & Antiquated
ria lishariyani rialive

Thank you all! You may not know me, but you have made a difference in my life. :)


  1. It's a pleasure reading your blog, you're one of a kind! ;)

  2. You are a wonderful writer Jnana! Always look forward to your posts.

  3. Dear sister,
    you too have brought changes in my life, as blogging made me connected to you and other good blogger. I have learned so many good things from your blog, so here I would like to say my biggest thanks to you my dear :)

    Salam Ramadhan,

  4. Asalamu aliakuam!
    Jnana, I love your honesty :) How you thought blogging would be :D I think we all thought that. I've been blogging on and off since I was 16 and I'm now (pretty much) 24! One of my first blogs had only 'one followers' (we didn't have that term though or that feature in the beginning or at least it wasn't very known:P)...

    You never know, though. You just keep writing and meeting people...and maybe soon your blog will have hundreds of followers .

    But hey, it doesn't really matter, does it? All that matters is that ONE person reads what you have to say and hopefully benefits.

    I read what you write here and I've found it beneficial <3

    Ramadan Kareem, darlin' :)

  5. Thank you all :)
    Little Auntie, your blog is one of the most influential out there, keep writing always!

  6. mind is an undying fountain of thoughts.. for emotions, for views, a translator of your inner self to the outer world..
    keep on writing, we will always be on your side listening.


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