Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What makes you believe?

"God gave you your huge eyes and your little body. God gave you your heart and your mind, and He gave you your father and I. He loves you more than we can, and He's always listening to all the thoughts you have and the prayers you make and Helping you out. God is like the air- He's everywhere you go. When we're in the house or go outside in the car to your uncle's house, or even if we travel to another country, He's still going to be there. There's nowhere you'll go that God won't be there for you."

That's how God was first introduced to me by my mother, and if you come from a believing family of any religion, I'm sure you'd be able to relate to this too. It's easy to believe when you're a kid- when what our parents tell us about the magical world we're bewitched with is an unquestionable given- because who could know more than mom and dad?

But there comes a revolutionary point in time in life when you realize the shocking truth that your parents are not capable of being perfect one hundred percent of the time. That they're only human. And with that distressing realisation comes a second tiny one: that maybe- everything they taught you wasn't entirely immune from error either. What if they were making a big mistake and dragging you into it with them?

In my early teenage years, I went through a series of doubtful periods- doubting that the world really did work the way it was explained to me, doubting whether the values that were so strongly and beautifully intertwined into my character really were the ones I had to live by, and most of all, doubting whether the answers to all of these doubts really mattered in the end.

They say faith that does not doubt is a dead faith. I'm not entirely sure that's true. What I do know is that what my parents had been doing up until then was laying the foundation. It was up to me to continue with their work. I could choose to just leave it like that, a ground of bare concrete exposed to elements that will wither it away with time. Or I could choose to build upon that foundation, regularly polishing and maintaining it. Adding on to the bedrock that I was certain was not faith yet.

I knew when faith had really entered my heart. When no scientific or logical explanation for His existence, no matter how convincing, would matter anymore. Yes, it was and still is lovely to research and discover satisfying arguments and it's important to be able to logically refute counter ones. But there is no way I can stop believing in the God I have come to feel in my every movement and breath. The God that really is, no matter who says what, with me everywhere I go.

The God that our bodies have been created to naturally believe in, love and live for.

"For those with faith, no explanation is necessary. For those without, no explanation is possible. –Thomas Aquinas"


  1. funny, I'm going through something like that, where I sometimes wonder what if all this God business is just something to keep us on our toes? and idk but there are so many ways to prove my doubts wrong. I guess I got tired of making an effort .... weird stuff.

  2. and what happens when you lose faith? I know the feeling of 'believing' in your heart, but if that very feeling fades away, what happens?

    Belief can be in a lot of different things too, religion is central to human belief, but so is honor, pride, kindness...the list is endless :)

  3. I think we have to be active in the process of maintaining faith. Although it's in human nature to know deep inside that there is a Creator we are indebted to, to be able to always acknowledge this we have to assimilate it in our daily life. After building a structure over the foundation, we have to constantly maintain the building to stop it from breaking down.

  4. "After building a structure over the foundation, we have to constantly maintain the building to stop it from breaking down."

    undoubtedly one of my favourite lines (i know what my next status update will be :D)

    its a very wise way to look at things.
    Maintaining belief, studies, health, happiness, family, friendships...if only we could hire someone to do all this maintenance work.

  5. Yis3idik ya binit
    WAllahi a lovely post
    God bless

  6. Its faith that keeps us moving on during the toughest times in life. Parents are not always wrong, they are just transferring something that they got from their parents.

    Only when we lose faith in everything else and everyone else in life, we realize the importance of faith in God. Because, without faith, we are lost.

  7. I agree, yes they are usually almost always right actually!

  8. A lovely post :) truly our parents lay the foundation upon which we build our buildings of faith. The twist happens when our buildings turn out to look and feel different from what our foundation layers had envisioned for us. Something similar has occurred in my case. My faith is mine, no matter what others say.

  9. Ah. Faith. God. Me. I needed to hear this one out. Thank you. Belief. So important. You just made my mind chase some hidden thoughts... It's got so busy that it has forgotten how to frame sentences. Sigh.

  10. if anyones on here today all the best to yous for 2012
    alf beilin

  11. Thank you Jalparl and Zeba (but wondering how it's possible for your mind to forget what it's genius at!)

    All the best to you too

  12. I like this post, because it speaks to all of us, whatever our belief is. We must keep pursuing truth. Some of us are wrong. Some of us are right. Those not seeking truth though, will never be right.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  13. asalamalaikum
    i loved it to the core.. all i can say is i am defiantely following u mashallah u got super catching skills... do stop by my blog too.. :)

    1. wa alaykum asalam, thank you, and will do!

  14. This post reminds me of what I'm going through now - instilling faith in my young boys. Kareem woke up last night at 4 in the morning saying, "I'm scared, I'm scared" and all I could think of was the nights I would pray the Hail, Mary and imagine a big bubble covering me, protecting me from all the scary shadows and sounds.

    Well, now I am more knowledgeable of Islam as that is the religion I have converted to. I feel strong in my faith, but I didn't know how to instill this in my four-year-old. So I told him "God is with you always, no matter where you are. He will protect you." And we repeated Al-Fatiha. I pray this is a good start.


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