Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looking beyond

Above the fast-moving, busy life that we're all engrossed with here on the only home we know, is a meticulous planner crossing our t's and dotting our i's. A power that's the only reason the mess we make of our daily lives ends up okay at the end of the day. And with each passing day grows an increasing conviction in me that without a life dedicated to our Protector we are blind, lame and hopeless creatures, stumbling along life bitterly with heavy and harsh hearts, feeling our surroundings for a glint of hope in vain and blaming everything but our selves. How ironic is it when we're prepared to understand, analyze, interpret, draw conclusions on a life that we're merely looking at through a peep-hole?

The trick is to stop the little things from ever getting to us (and as Richard Carlson says- they're all little things). Maybe your car punctured at this critical moment because your Protector didn't want you to be involved in the car accident that was on your way. Maybe the take-out you ordered was wrong because your usual order would have poisoned you. Maybe your phone battery went dead just as your friend called because she was planning on sharing some destructible gossip with you. Maybe your treadmill wasn't working because it had a shortage that would've put the power out. Maybe getting a not-so-great grade on that course was preventing a future inflated ego from building up.

Always remember you're only looking through the peep-hole.
And it's a good thing for most of us that we haven't got the entire view.


  1. this made my day! and oooy..the little 'talk to me' at the bottom of the page!

  2. I needed this. Thank you. :-)

  3. Well said. :)

    If we all knew what was coming, then that would only take the fun out of living.


  4. We all need to learn to be accountable for our actions and decisions and trust in God to guide us on our way.

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