Monday, May 21, 2012

If God created everything, who created God?

A cauldron of boiling water is in front of you. The first thing you may ask is, "Why is the water boiling?". It could only be because the water has become so hot that it has reached boiling point.
You might then ask, "Why is the water so hot?" You see it is because the cauldron's base is  so hot.
You might ask, "Why is the cauldron's base so hot?" You see it is because the cauldron's base is touching fire.
Will you then ask, "Why is the fire so hot?" ?

Not likely. You have never seen not-hot fire, and it is heat itself that makes fire fire. If it wasn't hot, it wouldn't be fire!

Isn't that just like asking, 'Who created God?'

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  1. lol it never really occured to me to really ponder who created god..... idk every creation has a creator right? A building has a builder, painting... a painter. So why the heck would this world not have a creator? Cause God knows some of these creatures on earth werent some "freak accident" although they look the part :P

    1. True :P This perfectly designed universe can't be an accident

  2. Here's a thought that might be an answer to those who ask that question.

    What we know in this world, everything we know in this world (which is very limited), all the concepts that make sense to us, such as time (To God, past present and future are the same), and the concept of something being created out of something (i.e reproduction), was created by God. That whole concept of 'reproduction' was created by God, and before that, it may have been non-existent. It's simply what our limited scope of knowledge has and what we know to exist in this world alone. But to God, the concept of being created out of something won't apply because HE created that concept in the first place. :)

    1. That's beautiful and makes so much sense!
      Thanks :)

  3. No matter what you believe about the origin of our universe, at some point all discussions come down to the "But where did that come from" argument. There has to be a starting point.
    I like what Haiko said though. Before time, what was "before"?

    1. If we are questioning where God came from, then we are assuming there is a God, which means we are assuming there is a starting-point. Asking who created God is questioning one of God's elements/characteristics which is that He must be independent of any thing since He is where everything is meant to originate from.
      Thanks for your thoughts :)

  4. That was very encouraging what you commented over my post. Thank you so much. And yes, this was a good read. :)


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