Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear Joanne Rowling

Once upon a time I was -there's no other word for it- obsessed with your books. I poured over each of them again and again, had memorized by heart the best bits, knew all the complex details of the magical world you invented, and even had a folder reserved for anything related to Harry Potter.

That was a long time ago, and I have since realized that nothing is worth getting obsessed over. But I remain a loyal fan- one of the millions around that you've enchanted. It must be a very weird feeling knowing that everybody has shared all the imaginations that you cooked up in the first place. All the magic and dreams and lessons they carry formed a chunk of my childhood- stuck since that time when things we are attached to mould us like clay, never to go away.

You've made a positive difference in my life- thank you. And happy birthday!


  1. I give her credit. I believe she helped to bring thousands, possibly millions of kids to the joys of reading.

  2. agreeing with your each word about her..


  3. I was, too, one of those super obsessed fans when I was younger, but somehow, one day I just realized that it was all a story and nothing more. That didn't make it less magical to read, I just became more...realistic? lol. Rowling will always remain one of my favorites!

  4. That was a very nice birthday post.


  5. I've watched 4 movies of Harry potter , but not read any one of them :(

  6. I love Harry Potter! It's been my go-to book for years.

  7. Hey - Ramadan Kareem to you too. I love how you sum up the atmosphere of Ramadan in that post below; I love how it's almost completely universally applied ^^ (Not that I know where you're from... o.O )

    And I love this too! ZOMG! My thoughts exactly, although I think I may still be in the obsessive faze. Just a little *shifty eyes*

  8. Gosh, I totally forgot. Rowling is part of my childhood too. And I agree that there has bee nothing worth obsessing about, after the Potter saga ended.

  9. I love Harry Potter! and JK Rowling!

  10. You are amazing. You have given voice for the hearts of many all over the world.
    Thank You,


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