Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The day was going well.

  • I did not have to turn to car air condition on my commute to university because when I pulled the windows down and drove, actual breeze hit my face. A rare phenomenon that I fully appreciated.
  • The woman at the Circle K cashier first assumed I was sixteen, then declared I look like a 'fresh fruit'.
  • I had a thirty-minute final revision session with the girl I tutor before her exam, and she was doing brilliantly (never mind that she was also palpitating)
  • I watched a deathly debate between an Apple and a Samsung fanatic, and whispered a prayer of gratitude for not having to worry about any of this as I feasted on the scene and invisible popcorn.

So I was in the midst of all those little positive moments that make a day, and inside a lift with a friend, when the lift stops at a floor and in comes one of my lecturers. I flashed a big smile at him and practically sang out 'Salamun Alaykum' [which is literally translated as 'Peace be upon you' and is the Arabic equivalent of a Hello]. He stood there facing and looking right at me, made a disgusted face, then turned around to give me his back.

I looked at my friend to check if I'm not imagining things, and the reflection of our equally baffled expressions in the four mirrors around us was enough confirmation.

We tried to analyse what happened in there.
Maybe he couldn't hear me? Even though the lift was dead silent and my voice was loud and clear and ringing. Maybe.
Maybe he couldn't recognize me? Even though I'm one of the few who attend his early morning lectures, always on time and sitting in the first row with nerd-mode on? Even though that doesn't really explain why he'd react to a stranger greeting him in that way? Maybe.
Maybe he thought I was greeting my friend? Even though she was already with me in the lift? Even though I smiled and talked right to him? Maybe.
Maybe he's just a jerk?


  1. I lol'ed at 'fresh fruit'. Wow, what happened with your lecturer is really weird. Why in the world would he react that way, even if he didn't recognize you and thought you were a complete stranger? hmmm. I wonder if he had a bad day or something (even though he can at least greet people with a smile) or maybe he's just an a-hole.

  2. I think I'd go with the jerk thing. And what exactly does a "fresh fruit" look like??

  3. I'm baffled too o.o I don't want to make any judgements because I don't actually know this guy, but you did your duty. You said your salaam. Whatever's up with him, well, I guess it's between him and Allah (SWT) *shrug*

  4. Hahaha that is really weird
    and LOL @ "May be he's a jerk May be" Haha :D

  5. HAHA. Hey there Fresh Fruit xD
    Well yeah, I have a lecturer who doesn't respond to our salaam at school. Outside the school is so far off :p

  6. A day is made up of many moments. Some better than others. Some we never wish to forget. However, sometimes, a single thing can ruin the day. I guess you just gotta remember the good things. The good moments that made your day worth living. Maybe you just smile and ignore the jerks. And then, maybe you'll smile. Maybe :)

  7. Ugh, some people are just weird. Still, don't let it get in the way of your positive moments!

  8. Jerks do exist in this world. and at times, they belong in the so-called more intelligent part of the universe.

    I recall a letter to 7days a few months ago where a Security Guard asked why nobody in his building seems to acknowledge him -- even though he opens the doors for them, greets them good afternoon, good evening, help them with their shopping bags and yet all tenants in that building in Palm Jumeirah ignore him or treat him as if he does not exist.

  9. Lol@'fresh fruit'! :P
    And oops@Sir! I know how it feels when that happens -.-

  10. I know right. Don't you just hate it when check out ladies call you fresh fruit? :P
    Such an interesting account of your day. I loved the post. Maybe your lecturer meant to smile but it came out as a frown. That could totally happen, you know.
    And I really like your blog, so I shall follow :]

  11. I almost fainted from laughter. He is a Jerk.

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