Monday, May 28, 2012

Her Freedom

She wasn't like all the other flowers. Maybe from the surface, yes. But you wouldn't have singled her out if you were just an outsider looking in. You would simply take in the breath-taking carpet of yellow tulips spread as far as your eyes can reach, each no different from the other.

If you had a special plant-translation device with you though, you'd hear her bitter whispers. Pretty aggressive too, coming from a delicate tulip like that.

So stuck here.
This is pathetic.
Bound by a stalk to the ground. 
My right to freedom.
Let. me. go.

So you do let her go. Out of genuine conviction. Or pity. Or submission.
But did you remember to remind her that she dies when she breaks away from her roots?

Monday, May 21, 2012

If God created everything, who created God?

A cauldron of boiling water is in front of you. The first thing you may ask is, "Why is the water boiling?". It could only be because the water has become so hot that it has reached boiling point.
You might then ask, "Why is the water so hot?" You see it is because the cauldron's base is  so hot.
You might ask, "Why is the cauldron's base so hot?" You see it is because the cauldron's base is touching fire.
Will you then ask, "Why is the fire so hot?" ?

Not likely. You have never seen not-hot fire, and it is heat itself that makes fire fire. If it wasn't hot, it wouldn't be fire!

Isn't that just like asking, 'Who created God?'

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Favour

How about we have a deal.
All you must do is hop on to my Ferris Wheel.
Take me by the hand. Hold it steadily.
Pretend you're not afraid. Sit ahead of me. Lean over the edge.
And let me know what's coming ahead.
Point and spell them out loud and clear for me.
Guilt expected later this evening. Love speeding up around the corner. Here comes Indignation in two days. And behind it I see Insincerity wearing a Friendship gown.
No more surprises and no more let-downs. And no excuses, either.
I promise to accept it all without a frown.

Photo taken by deviantart member =xthumbtakx

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