Saturday, February 16, 2013


A bright sun enveloped the town, warming brick-walls, front-door-handles, car and bike bodies, and the spotless black roads. It was an afternoon: that undecided time of the day when it was acceptable for adults to laze around and children had to look for something useful to do themselves.

I watched Suha and Sama crouched low in the back-seat of an unlocked Corolla. Two pre-teens, partners in crime. They were no longer conveniently-sized and had to do with uncomfortable squatting. Suha looked on as Sama counted the crushed strawberries in a pile of soggy tissues with a delicate and muddy index finger. She watched and fingered her dark curls casually but I could hear a pounding heart, with beats trying to give voice to pleas.

'Three would be a good enough sample size,' Sama had finished counting and was fishing out what were now red blobs at random.
Suha dutifully received them and almost instantly popped them in her mouth, swallowing in a hasty gulp.

'Not poisonous!', she gasped, massaging her throat. 
There was a still moment then where the two girls looked at each blankly. I waited, attempting to make out their expressions in vain. It was so quiet in that car that the only things audible were Suha's (enlarged) heart's beat and the bouncing of air molecules.

It was a while before Sama moved- to start eating the remainder of the strawberry collection, Suha following in pursuit. When they were done, they scrambled out of the car, closed the doors as gently as they were capable, and peered back inside.

Red was smeared all over the soft grey seats.
'Now look what you've done,' a tiny Sama turned to a much taller and larger Suha. 'They'll be suspecting a murder of course, and your fingerprints are all over it.' She said this like she was discussing breakfast as she skipped back towards home on the pavement, leaving a much more rapidly-beating heart behind.



  1. Your sisters?

    Hugs and chocolate,\

  2. You have a thing for descriptions!

    Loved it :)

  3. Interesting situation. The title is apt for the mystery at hand.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  4. D'aw. D'awww. Such a pretty moment. I wonder if they'll remember it, twenty years from now ^_^

  5. Conveniently-sized!Ha ha!
    I sure do miss those days...:)

  6. Adorable. These are the worth it moments in life, enveloped with innocence. By the way what did you mean by 'dormant kid'? I wasn't aware of the term.

  7. Absolute cuteness defined! The way you describe the moments brings me back to the past of childhood.
    Innocence was a true pursuit of childhood. :)

  8. Liebster Award for you! For details -

  9. What a lovely story, so well written, Masha'Allah you have the gift of capturing so much in a few words. ;-)

  10. I love their innocence and if I was younger, I'd join in their adventure :)

  11. Lovely. Beautifully narrated. Couldn't hlep smiling. Teens today have a gruesome imagination and love flaunting it especially if they suspect adults are listening.

    Am looking forward to reading your A to Z challenge.


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