Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day Z: Znood-il-sit, Zalabya, and see you next April

This April, I will be participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, writing about the A to Z of Iraqi Culture. Do give in your own two cents in the comments below and let me know if you have anything to add or something similar to share from your own culture.

Zalabya- Source

Zalabya- a heavenly sweet- is a fried dough, rolled into a circular shape and filled with sugary syrup
that gives it a chewy feel. 

Znood-il-sit- Source

Znood-il-sit- Lady's arms (!)- is a popular sweet in Iraq. Another fried dough, rolled into a cylindrical shell stuffed with cream and sprinkled with pistachio.

Today marks the end of the Blogging Challenge. I hope you've enjoyed learning about Iraqi Culture as much as I have had sharing it with you. Thank you for all your kind comments- I may not reply to each of them here, but I read and appreciate every one of them as well as enjoy reading your blogs in return.

As glad as I am that I participated, I just can't wait till I can go back to blogging at my own pace about whatever comes to my mind!


  1. Those sweets look absolutely delicious. Now I'm hungry. Had fun reading your blog too bu I couldn't comment half the time coz my computer kept crashing.
    Hope this one goes through though!

  2. I learned so much about Iraqi culture from visiting your blog this month. I especially learned quite a bit about foods that I hadn't known about before. I look forward to visiting your blog some more after this month. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind words in your recent comment.

    I wanted to double check to make sure I'm following your blog- I'm pretty sure that I am- but I don't see the panel of followers on your page.

    Anyway, I'm glad we made it through A to Z. Woot-woot!!!

  3. Sweet ending ^_^ ... agh, cheesy pun. But I'm starting to think what makes a 'good pun' is based on how terrible it is :P

    Anyway, I really think I ought to befriend the few Iraqi people I know around here... I mean, REALLY befriend them, and gain myself an invitation to their houses for dinner - all the food just looks superdy delicious.

    I'm gonna miss the insight into Iraqi culture, but hey, congratulations on making it through x)

  4. Thank you for the GREAT Gift you have given me throughout this month.
    I agree - it will be good to return to "regular" blogging -
    I am grateful to have found you blog -

    All best to YOU!!!

  5. I really liked your posts, this one sound and looks yummy. I look forward to your regular posting.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  6. Congrats on finishing the challenge! Thanks for sharing your culture :)

  7. Sounds tasty. We have something called Jalaybee which is made similar to Zalabya. Thank you for sharing the culture of Iraq.

  8. Sigh! Yummy delights! :') I absolutely love hot Jalebi or zalabya!

  9. The Zalabya is called "koeksisters" in South Africa... congrats on finishing the Challenge - I loved reading your Blog!
    A month of Blog...

  10. Oh, yum ... they both look delicious.
    Ghadeer, I so hear you about blogging at your own pace. I had lots of fun this month, but I'm a little tired.

    But, hey, we made it! Congrats to us. :) I enjoyed reading your posts, though I didn't get to read all of them, but it's very good to know I know a blogger form Iraq.

  11. The zalabya is very similar to the Indian jalebi, except ours is either bright yellow or orange in colour. Drooling at the cream-stuffed rolls...

    Reading your posts were one of the most educational experiences I've had. Thank you for the insight into Iraqi culture. I hope I can visit Iraq someday.

    Next April? You wish. I'm going to lurk around till you get fed up of me xD

  12. Zainab, thank you for the mouth-watering post, and congratulations on completing the A-Z Challenge. Now may I have a few of those beautiful jellybeans?

  13. Well done, Ghadeer. Thumbs up for you, always!

  14. Looks delicious and I do agree with you. It's a strain blogging at this pace but congrats for completing,the challenge!

  15. Hi Ghadeer .. congratulations on finishing the A - Z .. sorry I've been struggling to comment on here - such is life. I'm going to see if I can comment on your other posts ..

    I rather like the sound of Znood-il-sits .. delicious mix of pistachio and cream ...

    Cheers Hilary

  16. And so you are ending it on a sweet note.Literally.
    I am going to miss all the scrumdiddlyumptious words and the waiting to see what would turn up next.
    But then there's always the awesome stuff you usually put out!
    Till then,I should get back to attempting to pronounce Znood-il-sit without cracking up and feeling like a helium balloon on caffeine.

  17. Here we call it Jalebi. In India.
    And Znood il sit is called 'Chamcham'. :)

  18. Ghadeer, I nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Here are the details: http://silviatomasvillalobos.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/liebster-blog-award/
    If you can't accept (no time or such), I understand ... think your blog is awesome.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Are you trying to make me hungry?!? I've tried baklava, but not the cream one. And I'm pretty sure I tried the fried dough with sweet syrup, but it was in a ball. Thanks for sharing! :-D

  21. Wow! You survived the A-Z challenge. Wonderful! :)

  22. I went through it all: A-Z. I learnt so many new things! Your writing style is so calming and gentle, I like going through your blog.

  23. Hi Ghadeer,

    Really enjoyed reading your A-Z, and congratulations on making it to the end! I would be interested in asking you to write something for Asfar, an online journal dedicated to Middle Eastern cultural issues. If you are interested, please email me at leon@asfar.org.uk for further details.

    Kind regards,



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