Saturday, October 5, 2013


The world is full of people---appallingly full; it has never been so full before, and they are all tumbling over each other. Most of these people one doesn't know and some of them one doesn't like; doesn't like the color of their skins, say, or the shape of their noses, or the way they blow them or don't blow them, or the way they talk, or their fondness of jazz or their dislike of jazz, and so on. Well, what is one to do? There are two solutions. One is the Nazi solution. If you don't like them, kill them, banish them, segregate them, and strut up an down proclaiming that you are the salt of the earth. The other way is less thrilling, but is on the whole the way of the democracies, and I prefer it. If you don't like people, put up with them as well as you can. Don't try to love them. You can't, and you'll only strain yourself. But try to tolerate them. On the basis of that tolerance a civilized future may be built. Certainly I see no other foundation for the postwar world.

- E. M. Forster.


  1. Powerful Quote - I wonder if humankind will lift itSelf to embrace the beauty in differences . . .


  2. You have summed it up in a way not too many people can.

    I used to get A ++ in Political Science. Now I think talking on Politics is a waste of time. I love the idea of Democracy but practice is a totally different story, yet I rather have that than any other form of government.

    1. E.M. Forster has!

      I agree, although the sort of democracies in place today might be better in some respects than other government forms, they are far, far from ideal. But we can make a difference by being democratic in our own lives and social circles :)

  3. Beautifully said. Now if people would listen...

  4. Great stuff. Wish more people would apply the democratic situation to their lives.

  5. People will be people, and for the most part I have met good ones. The others tend to move on.

  6. Beautiful lines. These lines are so powerful and meaningful that if one could understand it properly the world would be a much better place. :)

  7. You always seem to pick out the best stuff to share :) It's lovely.

  8. probably the third one to it being don't give a shit. Do your thing and care about what you do. If it involves them, restrict yourself to your domain and behave at professional levels. The rest seems to work out then.


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