Saturday, April 18, 2015


Maybe my train doesn't make much noise but I know it's moving
at its strange pace where years go by quicker than days

I'm trying not to lose count of the faces that board then move on to another division.
Already many have reduced to a memory
a half-remembered name
an obscure vision.

And I'm trying hard to bear in mind 
that this train will be leading me somewhere
its time and place defined.

That's a sensitive topic around here
Let's not think about that now, some passengers say, 
with a slightly reddened ear.

Others smile nervously; 
a few think for a while then get back to whatever they were doing 

I don't blame them. Sometimes it's easy to ignore, act clever
sit back and admire all the work I've done stuck on this train 
since as long as forever.

Repaired windows, the ceiling's stronger foundation
the seats that I've made more comfortable
none of which will matter when we reach our final destination.

Say it again 
and again
and again to yourself, 
this alone is your saving grace-
not to get too caught up in the journey
to remember the resting-place.


  1. Oh, Ghadeer, you are a genius. A real, genuine, beautiful wordsmith. I love this poem. I might write this up to put in my room somewhere... ♥

  2. Hi Ghadeer,
    I hope you remember me. I have been following your blog since the A-Z challenge hosted in April, 2012. I just read this poem. It's beautiful. You have a way with words. I'm going to jot this down in my diary, if you don't mind.


  3. This is such a beautiful expression of the hectic life we all experience. Even though we may forget and or remember very slightly who we met and what we talked about, it is still worthwhile to have done so.

    In America, we say "Hang in there".
    In my faith we say, "Trust the All Mighty"

    When things slow down, the mind gets clearer and then images will not seem too distant..

  4. I know I can count you..count on you.. for my resting place.
    Bless you my favorite poet.

  5. This is very insightful, perfectly penning down the journey of life with a lesson!


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