Thursday, October 13, 2011

Habitophobia: the fear of getting too used to earth

I made Habitophobia up, but it must be real because that's I find myself suffering from at the moment.

Kids find everything fascinating. Notice a baby's eyes as it takes in its surroundings. Sometimes what the baby sees around is too exciting to take: it flaps its arms, makes little shrieks and looks around at everyone else to see how they're taking it. The baby's probably thinking, "I guess I'm the only one who can see all this amazing stuff." The baby stares at its own fingers in wonder. Take one stroll in a zoo and you'll notice the sheer fascination on all the kids' faces, the squeals of delight: "GORILLA, Mommy! That's a GORILLA!"

"Yes, yes, gorilla..." come back the bored adult replies.
Have you noticed how just a stroll in the park can be the funnest part of kid's life?

At what point did earth begin to bore us? When did we have enough of it? The children can't be exaggerating- we were all equally captivated when we first looked around us. The earth isn't undergoing metamorphosis as we grow older- it still harbours the same phenomenal miracles. Is seeing our beautiful, magnificent home everyday enough of an excuse to be disinterested?


  1. how we grow up we top rejoicing at the little wonders of life,I guess this is what they call the loss of innocence !

  2. Its like the older we get the less amazed we are at god's creation... time spent wondering and being amazed at God's creation is a form of worship. Love your made up word, you had me there lol

  3. I learned something new today! So beautifully written, this one.

  4. I've never looked at it from this perspective. Wow!


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