Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 things I know to be true

1. ...that nothing read ever goes wasted- whether it's a physics textbook, a fantasy novel, a biography of a politician, a silly fashion article, a gadget's manual, warning signs near construction sites or the ingredients on your toothpaste's box

2. ...that nobody ever felt better after criticism uncalled for. As much as it might itch me to see a job done not perfectly, learning to bite my tongue and leave my big nose out of it is something I will never regret.

3. ...that no matter how many theories may try to convince everyone otherwise, thinking positive is not enough for dreams to come true. You need to work hard and know what you're doing. And that still doesn't guarantee anything. Life isn't fair, and the quicker I surrender to that fact, the happier I will be.

4. ...that people with special "needs" are actually people with special abilities, who don't need sympathy from anyone but acceptance. Just because somebody is structured differently does not make them any less 'normal'

5. ....that some of the richest people in the most glamorous of houses are also the ones most miserable. And some of the people from the best of schools are also the most uneducated.

6. ...that while some problems in life need rooted solutions, others just need a piece of chocolate, a short walk or (in my case) a good scrubbing session in the kitchen to go away.

7. ...that ignoring differences is worse than not tolerating them.

8. ...that if you're not happy with the way you look, the least you could do is not complain about it. One small step on the surface, one giant leap towards self-acceptance (tried & tested)

9...that if you come from a Middle-Eastern family like mine, you'll never be able to memorize who's who. Just smile and love all of them unconditionally.

10. ...that there is a God, a Power beyond our understanding, who weaves our lives with the lives of everyone around us in a beautiful web, and it is for this Ultimate Power that we must aim to breathe for every minute.


  1. Wonderful post! Some of these really ring true for me today. Thank you. :)

  2. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing. I have at times been unsure about the first point, especially after reading a terrible book .... but yes, perhaps something good did come out of it!

  3. Awesome post and very wise as well.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. I swear, reading each one as I go, my eyes go wider and wider because they're so simple but so true.

    Although I'm not sure if #7 works all the time. Sometimes there are topics that are best not to be broached, because neither can reach an agreement, and both want the other side to agree with them... if that makes. I donno. There are some things that I'm ignoring for now, we'll see in the future if it catches up with me x)

    But other than that, this is tres beautiful. I'm going to have to try and force myself to keep #8 in mind.. oh, #9! Don't all the adults know everyone, somehow? Around here, the Sri Lankan and Serb adults seem to know anyone and everyone and all the familial links off by heart, and it always baffles me. I thought the Middle Eastern family may be similar, but perhaps I'm wrong ^^

    Okay, will shut up now. But this has so many interesting concepts to it. Bravo (:

    1. Generally, in my humble opinion, I don't think differences ought always to be worked out, but their existence does need to be acknowledged, or even better, celebrated. I think we might have different 'differences' in mind though, you could be right!

  5. Truly beautiful, MA!

  6. LOVE this. Such wise powerful words, and so simple and uncomplicated. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  7. I know for sure that all truths are pure and simple, the way you have expressed them. Man, himself makes things so terribly complicated. Your post is so awesome in a simple honest way.

  8. hey.... first of all lykd ur blog template veryyyyy much....esp dat A to Z blogging challenge wala part.... it's different u knw....
    den was bit confused which post to go for nd suddenly i came across dis one..coz title was interesting....
    nd after reading dis.. i can say.. well written.. lykd it very much... nice work....

    Keep Smiling... Bless You... Tc...


  9. No 5 is very true. I know someone who has everything but is living an unhappy life..


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