Saturday, October 13, 2012

You and Your Beautiful Mind

Do you know how it feels like to love somebody more than yourself and the world with all its contents?

How it feels like to be in constant worry for them? A 24/7 lingering worry. One that not even sleep or intensive tasks can force in a corner, let alone drive away.

Do you know that you are permanently alive on my mind? That I'm thinking about you when I'm reading or daydreaming or listening to other people. That I'm worrying about you when I'm at school, on the road or in the next room.

Remember the year we had a very boring Eid? I took you for a walk while everyone was napping, and we ended up at the deserted beach. We just stood there, staring at the water. Then through some un-spoken agreement started collecting sea-shells. It felt so serene. You asked me questions about God and angels. Remember when I asked you to pose for a picture before we headed back home? You stood back to the water, eyes closed and arms held out wide. I could tell you felt free and happy to be, and it was the best moment of my life.

I wish I could make a deal with the One in charge. A deal that all life's ugly side bounces off you. Even if I'd have to take it. I would gather all the situations and life events and people and words and looks that make you unhappy. Stay watch dog over them and make sure they never dare cross your path.

Do you know that you are the opening sentence to my every prayer? That I don't care what's in store for me as long as you get to feel safe and loved for eternity.

Remember the day you told the big family gathering that you have a beautiful mind? I couldn't stop playing back those words in my head. They were the most true words ever said by the purest person to have ever existed.

And I can never be thankful enough for how lucky I am to have you and your beautiful mind in my life.


  1. D'awww, this is so sincere and sweet. I really want to know this is dedicated to, or is it personal?

  2. Very nice, indeed.

    Chocolate hugs,

  3. I loved it. It's beautiful.

    Big hug!

    Just popped in to say hello!

  4. Humans. We have been through so many dark times in our history, and yet we are still here. No matter how dark the night got, we got ourselves out of there, and we advanced. And the love, the ability to do, to share the care brings us here.

    Cherish the things in life that are of value to you, the people, the relationships, and yourself. Cherish the words spoken and unspoken. And say thank you. To those with beautiful minds to the One who gav ethem such a mind.

    Beautiful post!

    What happened to the beans in the background?

  5. Beautiful post!! I can completely relate to this post. I think we all have someone like that in our lives. :)

  6. That person with the beautiful mind is lucky to have someone as precious as you in their life.

  7. Lovely blog posting and your question, Do you know how it feels like to love somebody more than yourself and the world with all its contents? That is a feeling that every parent feels! I would give the world to my kids if I could! Definitely enjoyed reading your heartfelt posting!

  8. I will just say "This is soo meeee" :)

  9. loved it... simply awesome..... :) :)

    Keep Smiling... Bless You... Tc...


  10. MashaAllah, beautiful post, that person is so blessed to have you in his/her life :)

  11. I'm falling short of words here - breathtaking writing!

  12. Thanks for all your uplifting comments :)

  13. Love is the best thing that any person could ever experience especially if both loved each other so dearly. Sad to say, I am now coping with a lost love.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

    1. I hope you find the strength. Lots of love x

  14. You are my favourite person!

  15. Read this so many times already :)

  16. I love (LOVE) my kids and reading this post just made me love them even more....

  17. WOW. Masha Allah I'm in awe. And to answer your opening question; Yes I do.


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