Friday, November 9, 2012

A Mercy to Mankind

He would cut up his cloak to be able to move rather than disturb the cat sleeping on it.

He would embrace the poor and radiate his warmth, undeterred by rags or social status.

He would never be the first to let go of a handshake's grip.

He was famous for his bright smile that flashed perfect white teeth.

He befriended the dark-skinned and the foreign at a time when only the prejudiced were welcomed.

He would stand up in respect whenever his daughter entered the room, and give her his seat.

He received with open arms visitors, offering all of the little he had.

He neither pressured, nor forced his teachings on anyone, inviting them instead with gentle reasoning.

He was diplomatic- open to third solutions, his ear always ready to listen.

He made sure everyone around him was fed before he turned to his hunger.

His lap held the weight of many children, careful to always build their confidence.

His tongue only knew the sweetness of words.

His heart never held an inkling of hatred, his tears abundantly flowing for his enemies.

He was so, so far away from what you are doing in the name of his religion.

"And we have not sent you except as a mercy to all creation" The Qur'an 25:56


  1. That was beautiful ♥

    (And interesting new layout... )

  2. Food for thought. Thank you :)

  3. We could all do with a reminder as gentle but equally touching as this. Sigh. Beautiful, as always.

  4. That is beautiful and should be someone we all aspire to emulate. Unfortunately, we are all human and make mistakes. The beauty of that is the ability to be forgiven and keep on trying. thank you for this.

  5. Thank you for sharing. Reminded me of home. My great aunt use to sing Salaams in his name, after cooking all night to celebrate Meelad the next day, to serve the people in the neighbourhood.
    His qualities are examples to live by, but alas we get so impatient.

  6. This made me cry, for myself mostly.

  7. Very well written, thanks for reminding us of these amazing facts.

  8. Very different blog lay-out, initially left me confused

  9. Asalaamu alaykum - This is so beautiful. I'm so glad I read this tonight...

  10. hey I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, check it out on my blog for more info xoxo


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