Monday, May 6, 2013

Weep the World

When life catches you cry
Tell your tears, as they pour
How noble it is to do so for much more

Like, you could cry
On behalf of every boy brought up thinking it isn't man to
For every face and body scrutinized to be "approved"
For every slashed wrist,
forced puke
and pill misused
For the tonnes of powder and pencil helping to disguise
tired and insecure skin and eyes

for the kid whose mother's too busy to raise
and the parents on their child's life missing out
for hearts of house-maids far away from home
and the scarce notes they can't do without
for ignored questions
untold bed-time tales
and drawing-less fridges
for couples biting their nails in fertility centres
and for babies left under bridges

for all the unnoticed flairs and potentials not harnessed
for every time a human heart was demeaned
and every time an ego-injury wasn't spared
for miscalculated rejections
and unprecedented afflictions dealt
for every swear word told
and every insult felt

for a disease with no cure
and the time-tickers over homes looming
for all the beautiful minds
that are destined for grooming
for emptying bank accounts
and bills demanding to be paid
for skills on stand-by
and economies swayed

Dali's "Pool of Tears"
for bullets in innocent heads
and buildings in shreds
for homelands destroyed
and the high price of diesel
for rivers turned to mud
and the cheapness of blood

for every lie conveyed
and every dark game well-played

No misery weighs more than the other
Everybody has their own story to tell
So weep for yourself
But while you do,
Weep for the world as well


  1. I've got the tears welling up.... This is amazing!

  2. Love it throughout but especially the last line.

  3. Yeah.
    This reminded me so much of a video I saw.
    Another poem.To This Day by Shane Koyczan.

  4. O_O
    That was super amazing and tragic. Words don't describe how awesome this is. I've a question: is it okay for me to maybe print this out and stick it somewhere in my school? (Provided it gets approval, anyway? ^_^ )

  5. This is beautiful! Especially the last stanza. We get so caught up in our own problems, we seldom realise that we are not alone in our misery.

  6. You have summed up the emotions so beautifully, Ghadeer. You are such a wonderful writer, Masha'Allah!

  7. First of all - - - are you all right. The poem is beautiful. It is painful but true.
    I am sure that you have the capacity to do something to prevent even one hurt.
    Take it from an old timer, the inner voice that made you write is alive. Look around and be a friend to some one who needs one.

    I lost a friend to suicide when I was in second year of my college. I still cry for her. I wished that she had talked to one of us, ie her friends. May be she had subtle signs that we did not realize. I feel that her life could have been saved.

  8. Beautiful as always. You are great with prose, but poetry is your forte.

  9. I cry when I am hurt or sad and. I realized though that I feel relieved after shedding my tears :)

  10. Beautiful. We weep for the world, and maybe the tears provide a bit of comfort and healing.

    1. And I just noticed that I commented on this before. :) That's how much I like it.

  11. wow.. I can't believe I waited this long to read such a beautiful post! I loved it <3

  12. Weeping for others helps us in our own healing.

  13. I have nominated you for the sunshine award!
    Details on my blog. :)

  14. I'm crying. This is beautiful and relevant to this past week with deaths happening personally and around the world. Thank you (:

  15. Wow! This is soo touching. I am stealing this :D

  16. Weep the world. Absolutely beautiful. Stunning words, forceful writing.


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