Monday, June 24, 2013

The Awaited

Even the night celebrates, carries a bright full moon by the hand
And I wonder, when, and if, you watch this view, where it is you stand
And how much of the moonlight shining our world is just your own reflected
And how much heavier your heart weighs since the last year
And how much more disconnected

I send my love and greetings everyday
Dispatch them sans address, hoping they find their way
I wish I could be more selective in what exactly it is you receive
I just really want you to think that I'm all set and ready
But in vain does my ugliness try to stay up my sleeve

To see you, I'll only pray for under one condition
That I have the privilege of your admission
Do you hear the desperation in my hearts' beats?
The promise of you that makes all worthy
The seemingly endless cycle of defeat?

Listen- to the sound of hope in every breath of air
This is my only gift to you- for your patience that never wears
An inexhaustible fuel to run it. Tiny amends for my behaviour
Anything to keep me alive for
My awaited saviour.


  1. That's a beautiful poem and I'm guessing it was inspired by the supermoon. Either way, awesome!

  2. Heartbreaking and beautiful :(

  3. "Anything to keep me alive
    For my awaited saviour"

    Gotta say that hit home!! Beautiful as always.

  4. Great photograph :D unfortunately due to the wonderful weather and clouds and pollution in London, the supermoon didn't look so super here :(

  5. Beautiful poem and photo. There has always been something magical about the moon for me!

  6. Wow. That was just wow. Beautiful.

  7. Beautiful.
    Sometimes I feel, there are meanings deeper imbibed in poems than in just words.
    This was one the heart touching ones.

  8. There's something special about the moon.
    Simply beautiful.

  9. This poem is so so beautiful, I have already read it more than twice, I love it, the words you write, all the feeling that are written in those words, It touched my heart. I'm going to share it (if you don't mind) posting the source of it, of course :)


    Keep writing!

  10. Now I am curious... who is your inspiration to write that lovely poem? Are you dedicating it to someone special; your awaited one perhaps?

    Have a great week ahead of you! :)

  11. Wow the poem is amazing masha'Allah.

  12. It's been said jizbillions of times, and it ought to be said jizbillions more times, and so I'm going to say it (insufficiently) one more time: C'EST BEAUTIFUL. I wish I had your talent ^_^

  13. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I can hear the words set to music.

  14. This is such a beautiful poem :) I think the first stanza is the most poetically written... it really touches your heart... :)

  15. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem. It can be interpreted in so many ways!


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