Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear New-born Babies of the World

Welcome to our planet! Home of the egocentric, the presumptuous, the hateful, where the rich are bowed to, the ugly ignored, and not an era goes by when some country is not at war with another. The shape your life takes will vary, perhaps depending on where on the planet you were born, to whom, and how the genetic instructions in your deoxyribonucleic acid molecules are patterned. But typically, it will go something like the following.

A few years of laziness and zero responsibilities that will flash by in a wink, during which the systems you're subjected to kill any creativity you hold inside. Another few years that shake everything you thought was true about your identity, beliefs, and the infallibility of adults. Just when you are recovering from confusion you will have to decide what it is you want to do for the rest of your life. And you will have to make that decision quick. Once you, or more likely, other people, have made that decision for you, you will go through a brief period of solace where your only duty is to get educated. Most likely, you will come up with many ambitious plans during this time and aspire to do a great many things. If your life takes the typical path, though, you will get caught up in other things and achieve nothing of your dreams. Maybe you will even forget them. Or change your mind. Anyway, you will get up everyday, go to work, eat to carry on, sleep to recharge, and then get up the next day to do it all over again. You might get married and have children, and your spouse and kids might add colour to your life, or darken it, but in any case, you will often find yourself not having enough time to spend with them. Eventually, you will grow old, begin to forget things, and need help to walk and bathe. Maybe you will be lucky enough to have someone take care of you, maybe not. Your system will slowly shut down, and one day, you will leave this world. It doesn't matter how.

Wait! Stop crying. I have some good news too. Do I look that much of a sadist to you?

Some day everything that can possibly go wrong will, and you'll weep your heart out to your mother and spend the rest of the evening a spoiled prince/cess. And you will know there's a mother's love out there worth living to have. Some day you will fall sick and just when you're on the hospital bed feeling dejected, a bunch of friends come in, dripping wet from the storm they had to walk through, or stretching their limbs because of the hours of traffic they were stuck in. And you will know there are kind souls out that are worth living to meet. Some day your kid will run to you from school with a crayoned drawing of you. It'll look like a scribbled blob, but you'll stick the masterpiece to the fridge and know that your kids are worth living to watch grow. Some day, you'll have a really good laugh about something entirely silly. And then you'll realise how seriously you're taking life and spend the rest of the day feeling chilled and awesome.  Some day you will look back at something you wanted so bad at one point, and realise with a jolt how grateful you are that it didn't happen. Some day, when you least expect it, you will create something that changes lives without knowing it: maybe start a business, design a home, write a book, make a movie, click a photo, bake a cake or simply say a few words, and you will realise how much everyone has to contribute to this world. And how you will make a difference without trying too hard. Some day you will talk directly to God. It could be when you're on the prayer mat, on a bus ride, in an office meeting, having breakfast or during a walk on the beach. You will feel the response in your heart, and finally be One and in sync with the Universe and all of creation.

Life is beautiful, babies. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.


  1. So beautiful If only new borns could read, iw ould show this to my future kids (In shaa Allah).
    The youth of today needs help, a lot. I just hope parents begin to realise that.

  2. This is a really beautiful and awesome letter!! Thank you!!

  3. YES!!! To finally be One, in sync with the Universe and All Creation . . . oh, yes, please.

  4. Thank God for the second half or I would have been left severely down! Okay not really, I would have gone to sleep a bit sad, probably forget and then wake up happy inshAllah haha. Yes, in some ways, life can be seen very monotonous (especially right when you come back from time away from 'life') and a bit drab :( I think thats especially true in Western countries / the times right now, because life is so hectic :( but I think if we take time out for ourselves / hobbies / etc, hopefully we've got more opportunities to come across those moments of happiness :D

  5. Read the first half, and was burning, just because I for existing in this world. Read the second half and you left me on cloud nine. So beautiful ♥ Just speechless. You're so amazing. Would you mind if I printed this one and stuck it up in my school somewhere?

  6. Two halves of the same coin. We have to accept the good with the bad on this planet, don't we?

    Duncan In Kuantan

  7. this made me cry you dumbo :(:(:(

  8. Just absolutely WOW. I'm going to share this on facebook. Very moving ... sad, happy. There's still hope in our world, still hope.

  9. Definitely taking a print-out of this and sticking it above my study table.

    So. Damn. Inspirational.

    I needed this, especially since my day was not-so-great. Thanks a ton :)

  10. Celebrate life, that is the message.

  11. Life is a complicated mess but yes, it is beautiful. Nice post.


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